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shout out to everyone that thinks I’m pretty. I agree with u

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  • Bae: Hey come over
  • Me: I can't. My pet is asleep on my lap and I don't want to move because it will wake it up.
  • Bae: My parents aren't home
  • Me: Perhaps you didn't hear me

Mr. Millington getting a fresh trim at New wave barbershop. 
Chris wears our Skull & Arrows tee.

Got to see this healed one hit gut buster on kat. Thanks again miss. #realtattoos #realtraditional #besttradtattoos #bestblacktraditional #blackworkers

#tattoo by @fruduva  #tattoos #tattooart #neotrad #neotraditional #colortattoo

Filled my spot tomorrow, but still available today. Shoot me an email, come get something cool!